Texas License to Carry (LTC) Online Course

The Texas License to Carry a Handgun, commonly known as the concealed handgun license or permit, is required in Texas to conceal or open carry a handgun in public. Originally, an applicant was required to attend in-person classroom training and demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting) with a Texas Qualified LTC Instructor. In 2018 the Texas legislature passed HB 3784, allowing the 4-hour classroom portion of the course to be completed online and at your own pace. After, successfully passing the online classroom portion, an applicant must attend 1-2 hours of range instruction and demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting) with a Texas Qualified LTC Instructor.


For those students that have elected to take their Texas Licensed to Carry (LTC) course online, Battle Site Zero will complete your LTC Range Qualification at the end of any shooting course. This service will be provided to students at no additional charge. Details on this offer and requirements are listed below.

LTC Training

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) administers the Handgun Licensing Program under the authority of the Texas Government Code Chapter 411, Subchapter H. DPS licenses individuals to carry handguns within Texas, evaluates the eligibility of applicants through criminal history background checks, and monitors those currently licensed to ensure their continued eligibility. DPS also trains and certifies License To Carry (LTC) instructors who teach the required course to applicants.

LTC Class Objective
LTC classes provide the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) required classroom training and firearm qualification students need in order to obtain a Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC). The purpose is to meet the very basic requirements for a student to submit the application to the Texas Handgun Licensing Program.

LTC classes are not intended to train students how to shoot a handgun. The qualification test portion of the course is required by the State of Texas in order to demonstrate your ability to safely and properly handle and shoot a handgun.

Training Methods
There are two methods to take the LTC class; the online class followed by a separate proficiency demonstration or the traditional in-person class with proficiency demonstration included. The online class and proficiency demonstration together often cost more than an in-person class. While the online course provides a private and convenient option, you still must pay for an LTC instructor and range to conduct the proficiency demonstration. Battle Site Zero however, will provide your proficiency demonstration at no charge when you attend any of our shooting courses.

Online Class
Starting in 2017, the Texas License to Carry classroom training may be taken online through an approved online course provider. The minimum class time is still 4 hrs, just like the standard in-person classes, but instead of scheduling it over the weekend and taking it with a bunch of other people, the online LTC class can be taken on your own time at home or anywhere else. Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, the online class can be taken all at once, or broken into 20-minute video segments. After the 4 hours, an easy 25 question quiz must be completed. You are then automatically issued your LTC-101 certificate of completion.

The LTC-101 will then need to be taken to any License to Carry instructor for the proficiency demonstration. This consists of the shooting qualification and range instruction. Texas DPS requires 1-2 hours of range instruction before the shooting qualification can be completed.

In-Person Class
The traditional in-person class will require 6-8 hours of your day and must be scheduled in advance. During this training you will attend 4 to 6-hours of classroom instruction followed by a 1 to 2-hour proficiency demonstration. The classroom training covers the same mandated material required by DPS and the same proficiency demonstration dictated by the State.

Classroom Instruction
The classroom instruction may be a four to six-hour course and must cover the four (4) statutory required topics:

  • Laws that relate to weapons and the use of deadly force,
  • Handgun use and safety, including use of restraint holsters and methods to ensure the secure carrying of openly carried handguns,
  • Non-violent dispute resolution,
  • Proper storage practices for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate the possibility of accidental injury to a child.

Handgun Proficiency Demonstration (Qualification)
Whether you completed the class online or in-person, the shooting qualification is the same. This is a very basic qualification. The course of fire involves shooting a total of 50 rounds at a B27 human-shaped silhouette target from 9 feet, 21 feet, and 45 feet. All shooting is from the ready position, which means the gun is already in your hands. No shooting from a holster or shooting from concealed is required or performed. A score of 70%, or 175 points of a possible 250, is required to pass. This ensures minimum weapons handling only, no tactical skill or knowledge is taught, tested, or demonstrated. You need basic knowledge of and proficiency with your handgun to qualify on the range.

Scheduled Classes

The shooting qualification is a basic course of fire meant to show basic proficiency with a handgun. There is no expectation to be an expert marksmen. Being a “proficiency demonstration”, proper gun handling and safety is being demonstrated to the LTC instructor. It is not the time for you to learn gun safety or how to shoot.

A B27 target is used and must be 24 inches wide and 45 inches high. Applicants must score a 70% or higher to pass. That is 175 points out of a possible 250 points. There are multiple rings on the target for scoring. Everything in the 8 ring and in is 5 points, inside the 7 ring is 4 points and outside the 7 ring but still in the body is 3 points.

Course of Fire:

 3 yard line – 20 shots:

  • 1 shot in 2 seconds, 5 times
  • 2 shots in 3 seconds, 5 times
  • 5 shots in 10 seconds, once

7 yard line – 20 shots:

  • 5 shots in 10 seconds, once
  • 1 shot in 3 seconds, 5 times
  • 2 shots in 4 seconds, once
  • 3 shots in 6 seconds, once
  • 5 shots in 15 seconds, once

15 yard line – 10 shots:

  • 2 shots in 6 seconds, once
  • 3 shots in 9 seconds, once
  • 5 shots in 15 seconds, once

Texas Code § 411.172(a) A person is eligible for a license to carry a handgun if the person:

  1. is a legal resident of this state for the six-month period preceding the date of application,
  2. is at least 21 years of age, (military 18 – 21 years old now eligible – 2005 Texas CHL law change),
  3. has not been convicted of a felony,
  4. is not charged with the commission of a felony, Class A or Class B misdemeanor, or Disorderly Conduct,
  5. is not a fugitive from justice for a felony, Class A or Class B misdemeanor,
  6. is not a chemically dependent person,
  7. is not incapable of exercising sound judgment with respect to the proper use and storage of a handgun,
  8. has not, in the five years preceding the date of application, been convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or an offense under Disorderly Conduct, Section 42.01, Penal Code,
  9. is fully qualified under applicable federal and state law to purchase a handgun,
  10. has not been finally determined to be delinquent in the payment of a tax or other money collected by the comptroller,
  11. has not been finally determined to be delinquent in making a child support payment administered or collected by the attorney general,
  12. is not currently restricted under a court protective order subject to a restraining order affecting a spousal relationship,
  13. has not, in the 10 years preceding the date of application, been adjudicated as having engaged in delinquent conduct violating a penal law in the grade of felony
  14. has not made any material misrepresentation, or failed to disclose any material fact, in an application submitted pursuant to Section 411.174 or in a request for application submitted pursuant to Section 411.175.

Direct any questions about eligibility to the DPS web-site www.txdps.state.tx.us

  1. Learn to shoot a handgun.  You must be safe and proficient BEFORE your class.
  2. Apply online with the state of Texas   (HERE is a link)  and pay the $40 fee
  3. Schedule your fingerprints at the end of the application process ($10)
  4. Attend a Texas Approved LTC class (4 to 6 hours) Pass the written and shooting tests
  5. Upload your signed LTC form to the state of Texas  (HERE is a link)
  6. Wait….. 4 to 6 weeks and your license should appear in your mailbox

No. The purpose of the Texas LTC Course is to teach the Texas  law as it relates to concealed carry, safety, handling, storage and dispute resolution. You need a basic knowledge of your handgun to qualify on the range, and more if you expect to be proficient when carrying. We highly recommend taking our basic or concealed course.

Requirements to Receive Free LTC Range Qualification

  • Apply for your LTC online with the State of Texas

  • Attend a Texas Approved LTC online class and pass the written tests

  • Bring your LTC101 form to class along with 50 rounds of qualification ammunition