This one-day course is designed to teach students how to fight with concealed pistols and will focus on mindset, concealment techniques, and pistol fighting at extreme close distances under compressed times. Students will learn how to draw and fire while concealed in various situations. Immediate medical actions for life saving and legal ramifications from being in a shooting scenario are also covered by licensed professionals from the medical and legal community.

  • Weapons safety, manipulation, carry and maintenance

  • Weapons presentation from multiple concealment methods

  • Engagements from standing, sitting and while moving

  • Utilizing cover and concealment

  • Threat recognition

  • Shoot, no-shoot decisions and drills

  • Combat mindset

  • De-escalation techniques

  • Emergency casualty care

  • Legal parameters and considerations for weapons deployment

Meet one of the following criteria:

  • Prior/Current Military,

  • Prior/Current Law Enforcement

  • Licensed CPP officer

  • License to Carry AND Successful completion of a recognized Pistol Course

  • Pistol

  • 300-500 rounds of ammunition

  • 3 magazines or speed loaders – Minimum

  • Concealment holster – No ankle or shoulder holsters

  • Magazine pouches able to hold 2 magazines/speed loaders – Minimum

  • Eye and ear protection – Electronic ear protection are recommended

  • Weapon optics – (optional)

  • Knee and elbow pads – (optional)

  • Body armor (optional)

Scheduled Classes