Combat Pistol Basic Training

This one-day course is designed for students with little previous experience with a pistol. It is designed to educate students on all aspects of operating and maintaining a handgun. This course will focus on fundamentals defensive pistol operation and act as a foundation for advanced pistol courses. Combat Mindset, Marksmanship, and Weapons Manipulation are the core fundamentals taught in this course.

  • Weapons safety, manipulation, carry and maintenance

  • Marksmanship skills from static, kneeling and standing positions

  • Utilization of barricades and cover

  • Multiple target engagement from known and unknown distances

  • Clearing malfunctions to keep the weapon operational

Students must have a valid government issued I.D. and be at least 21 years old, unless 18 and above with parent/guardian.

  • Semi-Automatic pistol

  • 300-400 rounds of ammunition

  • 3 magazines – Minimum

  • Magazine pouches able to hold 2 magazines (Minimum)

  • Eye and ear protection – Electronic ear protection are recommended

  • Weapon optics – (optional)

  • Knee and elbow pads – (optional)

  • Body armor (optional)

Scheduled Classes