In this hands-on course students are provided a disassembled FN 15 SRP G2 rifle that they will assemble into a fully functioning weapons platform; a weapon they keep after the course. More than just an observational class, students will be practicing their skills under the observation and individual attention from our expert instructor cadre. The course covers a variety of topics including parts identification, weapon mechanics, repair, proper maintenance, weapon disassembly and reassembly techniques, and historical relevance. All our students receive thorough training on proper loading, unloading, firing, and safety techniques. Each student will deploy their weapon on a 100-yard indoor range where they will learn marksmanship, firing from various positions and conditions, individual and team movement, reloads and field expedient maintenance to keep the weapon functioning in the fight.

Course fee includes the cost of all issued gear, range fees, full day of instruction and catered lunch during the meal break. While the retail value is more than $2,500, for  limited time we are offering an introductory price of $1,950. See cost details below.

Scheduled Classes