This one-day course is designed for shooters who have completed the Basic Combat Carbine course or have previous military/law enforcement experience with a carbine. It is designed to teach students advanced techniques for fighting with a carbine including engagements under time constraints and physically demanding scenarios. Shooters will learn how to fight from alternate positions, use of cover and concealment, engaging while wounded, and employment of lights.

  • Weapons safety, manipulation, carry and maintenance

  • Marksmanship skills from static, prone, kneeling and standing positions

  • Marksmanship while shooting on the move

  • Utilization of barricades and cover

  • Multiple target engagement from known and unknown distances

  • Weak hand transition and reload

  • High stress engagement drills with reload

  • Advanced movement and team movement

  • Low light engagement drills

Meet one of the following criteria:

  • Prior/Current Military experience,

  • Prior/Current Law Enforcement experience

  • Successful completion of a recognized Basic Combat Carbine Course

  • Carbine with sling

  • 300-500 rounds of ammunition

  • 3 magazines – Minimum

  • Magazine pouches able to hold 2 magazines – Minimum

  • Eye and ear protection – Electronic ear protection are recommended

  • Weapon mounted light

  • Weapon optics – (optional)

  • Knee and elbow pads – (optional)

  • Body armor (optional)

Scheduled Classes