Director Of Operations

Sgt. Major Stephen Ahern started his military career as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army in 1985, then transitioned to the United States Marine Corps in 1989.  As expected, Steve has held a variety of billets while serving to reach the most Senior of Enlisted Ranks.

Steve has extensive experience in various degrees of Counter Insurgency, Force Protection, and as a Tactical combat adviser in Iraq/Afghanistan. His training and extensive operational experience includes operations in Anti-Terrorism, Military Police, USMC Drill Instructor, Sr. Enlisted Combat Advisor, Combined Anti-Armor Team Sr. Enlisted Advisor (Mobile Weapons Company USMC), and Counter Terrorism. Steve has over 28 years operational experience with multiple Combat Deployments and as a Sr. Supervisor over High Threat Protection Teams in Afghanistan as a Private Military Contractor.

Steve is a qualified Subject Matter Expert in all related fields of Combat Arms, Small Unit Tactics, Fire & Maneuver tactics, Weapon Systems Deployment and Use, Convoy Operations, Static and Close Protection, as well as planning and executing highly kinetic combat operations at the company and Battalion level.  Steve is also Worldwide Personal Protection Service Certified (WPPS) as a Close Protection Specialist.