Ranson Martel has over 11 years of combined military and law enforcement experience as a United States Marine and as a Texas Peace Officer. While a Marine deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan Ranson participated in multiple combat operations and several levels of leadership, such as Team Leader, Squad Leader and as a Designated Marksman. Since becoming a Peace Officer he has been an Investigator assigned to an Organized Crime/Narcotics Unit and served as Team Lead for SWAT.

Ranson has the training and knowledge to teach all levels of Tactical Training, and the operational experience to deploy personnel and the weapons systems in high stress dynamic situations. A Subject Matter Expert (SME) in numerous Military and Law Enforcement tactical specialties, he is a distinguished graduate from the following courses: Marine Corps School of Infantry, Tactical Small Unit Leaders Course, Drone Pilot Course, Designated Marksmanship Course, Tactical Site Exploitation and Combat Hunter Profiling. Ranson currently a TCOLE Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Basic and Advanced SWAT Instructor as well as a Police Sniper.