Kyle Bisbee is a US Navy veteran who has served multiple combat deployments with US Marines and as a PMC. A qualified Navy Corpsman, Kyle is a certified TRAP Medic, PSD Medic and QRF Medic. Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge with his down range experience and never quit attitude. Kyle served as the team Medic on several Tactical Site Exploitation operations and cross trained on the detection and recovery of physical, latent and biological evidence. Kyle is trained in the use of the Biometric Automated Toolset for the collection and processing of fingerprints, Iris scans and name recognition. All of these skills were exploited in numerous detainee operations in Afghanistan.

Subject Matter Expert in Tactical Combat Casualty Care, First Aid, and Advanced Trauma Care, Kyle is also qualified as a Close Protection Specialist with real world experience as the PSD Medic for the Battalion Commander while deployed with 3/7 Marines.