Jeff Jones is a U.S. Air Force veteran, 15-year law enforcement veteran and Field Training Officer with experience in Patrol operations, Firearms instruction, Law Enforcement procedure instruction and Criminal Investigations. Jeff was a full-time investigator with the High-Tech Crime Division for the Harris County Constables Office Precinct 4, and the Internet Crimes Against Children task-force, a local and national task-force dedicated to the investigation and arrest of child predators. Jeff has a Master Peace officer certification with over 6,000 hours of training and education from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Jeff also holds a master’s degree in criminal justice from Arizona State University. Jeff is currently a Sergeant with the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 4  and is a Public Safety Technical Liaison in Harris County who advises and instructs Harris County’s Law enforcement agencies in the acquisition and use of new technology. Along with being a Firearms instructor, Jeff is also a certified instructor in ASP Tactical Weapons (Expandable Impact Baton), ALERRT (ERASE, CRASE), and has instructed law enforcement courses in Defensive Tactics, Response to Active Shooter, Building Search and Investigations.