Chris Pansa


Chris Pansa has over 10 years’ experience as a USMC Veteran and Overseas Security Specialist. With 2 combat deployments to Afghanistan as a Marine and 9 deployments to Iraq as a High Threat Security Specialist, Chris has the knowledge and skill set needed to design, plan and execute all levels of security operations at home or abroad.

Chris has worked directly with Human Intelligence Teams while deployed to Afghanistan to track, target and capture or kill High Value Targets. After the Marine Corps, Chris transitioned to work High Threat Security for Triple Canopy. While deployed to Iraq, Chris conducted multiple security operations for the Department of State while assigned to the Embassy and Consulate. He has worked directly with Diplomats and Ambassadors on venue locations, conducting Tactical Site Surveys for security and operational planning. While assigned to the Consulate General in Basra, Iraq, Chris executed over 200 High Threat Protection missions.

Chris is a subject matter expert based on his training and experience in all aspects of High Threat Security and weapons use and deployment. He is trained in High Threat Protection, Embassy Security, Personal Security Detail, Convoy Motorcade Ops, Close Quarters Battle, Mission Planning and numerous other related aspects in the field of Security and Tactics. Chris is also the owner of Triverse Security Solutions, employing and training security professionals to federal facilities across the United States.

Chris is a certified Firearms Instructor, qualified to instruct Texas DPS Security Level 2, 3, and 4 in the state of Texas.