Brian Nichols is currently a Lieutenant with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Criminal Investigations Division. Brian has attended over 6,000 hours of TCOLE training, holds a Master Peace Officer License and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Houston. Brian has significant experience in complex criminal investigations, interviews/ interrogations, and confidential informant source development and management.

Having worked numerous investigations, overtly and in an undercover capacity, Brian has had extensive experience conducting and supervising narcotics, fraud, money laundering, weapons, conspiracy and organized crime investigations.  Brian also has had considerable experience in the operational planning, oversight, and execution of tactical raid entries and high-risk felony search warrants, including serving as point or cover for raid entry teams.

As a TCOLE and firearms instructor Brian has taught police recruits in numerous subjects including traffic law, penal code, patrol procedures, tactical officer safety, narcotics and criminal interdiction. Additionally, he serves as an instructor to criminal justice professionals and professional educators in the recognition of narcotics and criminal activity.