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The core of Battle Site Zero is made of three Law Enforcement professionals with military backgrounds. Through their combined 103 years of service they formed an elite training company, drawing on the deep bench of talent they have worked with over the years. Today, Battle Site Zero boasts a training cadre of more than 32 professionals: all with real world knowledge and proven combat experience. Whether your need is in tactics, field medicine, survival or leadership, Battle Site Zero can provide the skilled operators that have experienced the challenge and prevailed.

Much of Battle Site Zero’s training cadre is sourced from the Marines of 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines who fought together in the Summer of 2010. Made famous for the Battle of Sangin, 3/7 was noted as one of the most kinetic Marine Corps infantry units since Vietnam. In the years succeeding that summer many of the Marines moved on, becoming Private Military Contractors, Navy Seals, Special Forces Green Berets, MARSOC Raiders, Peace Officers, and Executive Close Personal Protection Specialist. Ten years later, these brothers have come together again to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

To learn more about the dynamic combat operations of 3/7 in Operation Sangin Sunrise and how these bonds were formed in blood, I invite you to read the firsthand account in Blood, Sweat and Fears by Ronnie Alexander, Battle Site Zero’s Director of Training. The book can be purchased here on Amazon.com. Not only will you read how the Marines closed with and destroyed the enemy, you will learn about the men that made the ultimate sacrifice; Marines we will never forget:

Michael Bailey
Michael BaileyLance Corporal
KIA 06/16/2010
Operation Enduring Freedom
Afghanistan’s Helmand province.
Kevin Cueto
Kevin CuetoCorporal
KIA 6/22/2010
Operation Enduring Freedom
Afghanistan’s Helmand province
Claudio Patiño IV
Claudio Patiño IVCorporal
KIA 06/22/2010
Operation Enduring Freedom
Afghanistan’s Helmand province

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Daniel Fedder
Daniel FedderMaster Sergeant
KIA 08/27/2010
Operation Enduring Freedom
Afghanistan’s Helmand province
Ralph Fabbri
Ralph FabbriLance Corporal
KIA 09/28/2010
Operation Enduring Freedom
Afghanistan’s Helmand province



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